Tenant Information

What to do when there is a maintenance issue?

All maintenance is to be recorded in writing to Moncrieff Realty.  Please email your Property Manager direct or email reception@moncrieffrealty.com

Once we have received the owner's permission to do the necessary repair, a contractor will contact you to organise a suitable time.  

However, should your maintenance be an emergency please call us immediately on 9330 1644.

Please also take the time to read the "Avoid unnecessary callout and charges" to see if your repairs can be fixed without a trades person being sent.

Who do I call if it is after hours?

Please email our Principal Anita Moncrieff at anita@moncrieffrealty.com or telephone 0406888787 should your maintenance be an emergency ie if yourself or the property is in immediate danger.   

Examples of emergency Repairs are:

  • A burst main water pipe
  • A Sewerage blockage
  • A serious roof leak
  • A gas leak
  • An electrical fault likely to cause damage to property or to endanger human life
  • Flooding
  • Substantial damage caused by flooding, storm or fire

Avoid unnecessary call outs and charges

Should you find yourself with one of the following maintenance issues please check through these checklists to see if the problem can be rectified without a trades person

No Power

  • Have you contacted your power company?  There may be a fault in the neighbourhood.  To find the phone numbers of the power companies please see under community and useful links on our Website.
  • Have you checked with your neighbour?  If it is a block of units/apartments then the Body Corporate needs to be notified to action this.
  • Have you checked the fuse box?  There may have been an overload and the safety switch needs to be reset or new fuse wire maybe needed for the older fuses.
  • Have you checked that one of your appliances is not faulty?  Please unplug all appliances in the house and reset the safety switches in the fuse box.  One by one turn on your appliances until it trips again then you know what appliance is causing the fault.

No Hot Water

Gas Hot Water System

Have you checked to see if your pilot light has gone out?                           

  • Most units can be easily re-lit.
    Is the gas turned on at the mains?
    If you have gas bottle supply, are the cylinders empty?

Electric Hot Water System

  • Have you checked that the hot water switch is turned on?
  • Have you checked the fuse in the meter box?

Automatic Garage Door is not working

  • Have you checked to see if the batteries have gone flat?
  • Have you checked that there is power to the automatic door?
  • Have you checked that the lever inside the garage hasn't been set to manual?

Burst Water Pipe

  • Turn the water off at the mains immediately then contact the Water Corporation 13 13 75 and your Property Manager.  A plumber may need to be notified also to which you can find our recommend plumbers details in your pack provided to you when you moved in. 

Power Lines have fallen down

  • Please call Western Power 13 13 51 immediately and do not touch it.

What if there is a break in/damage glass?

Please notify the Police and report the break in.  The Police will provide you with a Police Report Number, please keep this in a safe place as your Property Manager will need a record of this.

Please notify your Property Manager immediately of the incident and any damage.

Should you need a glazier please contact  Prompt Glass on 0405 291 444 or GT Glass on 08 9331 1499.

Please be aware, should you organise any repairs without obtaining a Police Report Number, the cost of the repairs will be invoiced to you.  Should the damage be of an act attributable to yourself, the cost of the invoice will be charged to you.

Breaking your Lease

If you have signed a Fixed Term Lease then you are legally bound by the contract.  You are able to request to break your lease by contacting our office and arranging an appointment to see your Property Manager.  

Your Property Manager will arrange for you to fill out a break lease form and then permission will be asked from the owner.

The break lease form will provide details of your obligations to break your lease such as:

  • Paying rent until a new tenant moves into the property
  • Reimbursing the owner for any associated costs
  • Maintaining the premises until a new tenant moves into the property

Water Consumption Accounts

The Water Corporation have announced that from the 1st July 2013 the Water Corp will be sending combined water use and service charge bills every two months.  This means that you will receive more frequent bills with costs that are spread throughout the year.  It also means that we can track the water use every two months and detect leaks earlier.